Nicola has been singing and playing musical instruments all her life, mostly as an actor-musician as well as in chamber operas and in concerts. More recently she has been playing her clarinets with pop bands at live gigs and in the recording studio as well as composing her own music and running the ‘Out of Place’ project, bringing together new music with contemporary poetry supporting the Rory Peck Trust.


Out of Place project

The ‘Out of Place 2017’ project - 3 July 2017

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Bb Clarinet
Bass clarinet
Alto Saxophone
Soprano Saxophone


Skilled singer, sight reader and improviser.
Range: mezzo soprano
Styles: folk/jazz/pop/oratorio/classical and contemporary opera!

Recent performances/recordings:

Max Rheinhardt and CoMA’s live soundtrack to ‘Battleship Potemkin’
Anna Braithwaite’s ‘Brainsong’, ‘Super Obsessive’ and ‘Quintet for Biscuit’ with The Bergersen Quartet and SQ4
‘Va Por Cuba’ at Bolivar Hall
Dominic De Grande’s ‘Oblique’, ‘Be Not Afeard’ and ‘Meicost Ettal’
Paul Hepden’s ‘I’d Rather Walk’,
Darren Hayman’s ‘The Archduke Learns to Ski’ and ‘Seraing Lokamotiv’
Tom Kilworth’s ‘Tea Suite’
London Gypsy Orchestra and Tatcho Drom for Gundula Gruen
Gemma Storr’s ‘Mind’s Ear Orchestra’ and ‘Safe’,
Dave Berryman’s ‘Sea Stacks’,
Duncan Chapman for the BBC Symphony Orchestra’s Eotvos Project.

With ‘A Little Orchestra’, gigs for Ralegh Long, Simon Love, The Understudies, Leaf Library, Haiku Salut, A Fine Day for Sailing, Shirley Lee, The Hidden Messages, The School, Pocketbooks, MJ Hibbett, Punk Wedding and Moose Factory.

Nicola has also worked with MD/composers Stephen Warbeck, Howard Goodall, Steve Edis, Paul Clark, Felix Cross, Greg Palmer, John Lubbock, Carlton Edwards, Thomas Frere, Ian Davies, Ben Livingstone, and Dougie Maclean.

© 2017 Nicola Burnett Smith